Community Roots Academy

Community Roots Academy (CRA) is a charter school planning to open in Capistrano Unified School District in 2011. CRA is a learning community with rigorous academic standards.

The school will be a site-based program and anticipates opening with 175 K, 1st, 2nd and 6th grade students. The school then will add 3rd and 7th grades in its second year to bring its anticipated enrollment to 275 students. The school will grow to 400 K-8 students by year five. CRA will maintain 180 instructional days per year and adhere to the traditional school calendar. Holidays and breaks will be aligned with the CUSD calendar. Additionally CRA will submit an official calendar one month after CUSD approves its 2011/2012.


Mission Statement

Community Roots Academy (CRA) is a kindergarten through eighth grade learning community where learning is embedded in a meaningful real world context and where children are deliberately taught to see the connections between their formal education and the world. Not only do CRA students meet and exceed the California content standards, but they also are enabled as leaders now and for the future by learning to think independently, to solve problems creatively, to articulate their ideas and to work productively while collaborating with diverse people. At CRA, students learn to combine curiosity and application, leading to a deep understanding of content, self-motivation and confidence. These skill sets empower students to take on challenges to become who they want to be and excel beyond their potential.

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